100T/Day Corn Grits and Flour Milling Plant in Tanzania

Post time:2019-04-29

100T/Day Corn Grits and Flour Milling Plant in Tanzania...

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Project: 100T/Day Corn Grits and Flour Milling Plant in Tanzania

Project introduction:
1.This production line has two floors of steel-frame structure.
2.The total length of the production line: 38m, width:8m, height: 9m(we can also design according to customers’ needs ). The installed gross capacity: 377.89KW.
3.Rate of graded products: 70%-80%.
  Corn flour: 20~30%
  Corn miscellaneous husks: 8-10%
  Corn grits: 27~35%
  Corn germs: 5~7%
4.By-product rate: 25~32%, grain consumption: 1%
  Feed meal:25~32%;grain consumption: 1%
5.End products quality standard:
  Corn flour: flour, ash content≤0.65%,magnetic metal content≤0.03%,gravel content≤0.02%,corn flour moisture:12~12.5%;
  Corn germ purity: 85% above

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