• Precooked Corn Flour Production Line
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      Precooked Corn Flour Production Line

      Precooked Corn Flour: Pre-cooked corn flour is fast dissolving or instant cereal-based preparations. Pre-cooked corn flour can meet people's convenience for instant fast food.The food made from cooked corn flour is more soft, fragrant, and tastes better than ordinary corn flour, which completely improves the shortcomings of poor palatability of ordinary corn flour foods. When rehydrated (with water or milk), it can become a soup, mush, cream or dough.

      It is widely used as cereal-based baby foods and in many countries, they are used as ingredients in regional recipes. They are easy to store, to transport and to prepare and are balanced nutritionally.


      Win Tone Machinery has developed processes for the industrial production of special corn-based products such as tortilla and arepa flours and processed infant cereals. We make corn into pre-cooked end products that offer consumers significant time savings and convenience benefits.


      Precooked Corn Flour Production Line


       Precooked Corn Flour Production Line


      Cooked corn flour processing process:

      Raw Corn --- Intake&Cleaning---Peeling--- Degermination---Tempering(conditioner)---Crushing---Steaming&Cooking--- Flaking--- Drying&Cooling ---Grinding ---Measuring&Packing---Sterilization---Inspection---Finished Product

      Cooked corn flour processing technology features: The corn flour processing process is divided into two major sections:

      I. Raw corn meal workshop (ie raw corn flour section)

      II. Cooked flour workshop (ready-to-eat instant corn flour processing workshop)


      Core Equipment: Conditioner, Steaming&Cooking Machine, Pulverizer, Sterilizing Machine, Cooling Machine, Bracket Fittings, Electric Control Cabinet, Screw Auger, Packaging Machine.

      By-products - germ oil is a kind of edible oil with high nutritional value. Its advanced design, advancement and flexibility are fully considered in the design. Each workshop is self-contained and can be produced separately.

      Total installed capacity: 150KW

       Precooked Corn Flour Production Line

      Precise control of all parameters to produce high quality products
      Reduced production costs compared to traditional technologies (drum drying) with energy and water savings
      Compact design, reduced footprint
      Food safety and traceability


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