Corn Peeling and Sterilization Machine Delivery to France

Post time:2017-03-07

Corn Peeling and Sterilization Machine Delivery to France...

Win Tone Corn Peeling and Sterilization Machine has been delivered to France this week after the last batch of the same goods exported to Poland. Upon the feedback from the users, it is convincing that this new patented product has been well received by the market. 

This machine is mainly used to remove the mildew part, impurities, embryo tomentum and the outer bran of corn or wheat. We should combine the machine and the air draft equipment together in corn or wheat surface processing. In the current production technology, it always connects with the dedusting air pipes of the ventilation system. 


Raw grains are sent into the machine and have mutual friction with the rotor’s round brush under the propelling action, which makes the grains bran and the mildew part polished. Under the strong pressure, it also realizes slight peeling effect. It is widely used in the layering peeling technology in wheat flour milling process. 


Corn Peeling and Sterilization Machine Features:
1.It can remove the dust and mildew on the grain surface or in the concave part. 
2.It can polish and clean the wheat surface effectively.
3.The polishing process also reduces pollution from broken worms or pesticide residue. 
4.Replacing the wheat scourer, brushing machine or disc cleaner, it can effectively remove various impurities, such as black wheat, mildew, grass seeds and worm eggs. 



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