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      CORN GRINDING MACHINE Mechanization Level attracts the attention of users.In the last year, the national agricultural machinery industry growth rate fell sharply, the corn grinding machine industry contrarian growth, the annual corn grinding machine 14,000 units, an increase of more than 30%, becoming an important growth point of the agricultural industry.Experts believe that China's corn grinding machine industry is in the import period and need to strengthen policy support efforts to promote the development of corn grinding machine industry.


      China's corn grinding machine mechanization level is less than 10%, and it is the agricultural mechanization of the whole "short board."The government subsidies stimulate the corn grinding machine market with average annual growth rate of 50% or more, which becomes an important growth point of the agricultural industry. But it still exposed the lack of industry standards. Urgent efforts should be made to improve quality and improve the industry ecology.



      Compared with Europe and the United States and other developed countries, China's corn grinding machine mechanization level of is less than 10%. In recent years, the state comprehensively promote the full mechanization of agricultural production, agricultural demand to prenatal extension, demand hot spots to the development of corn grinding machine. This is the reason why the corn grinding machine market presents a "blowout" development.



      Wintone Machinery Manufacture CO,. Ltd. made its efforts to respond to nation's policy to improve corn grinding machine mechanization, and absorb the newest scientific and technological achievements, making a real and strong enterprise technology innovation base, driving the whole industry to improve competitiveness.


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