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      Flour grinding machine is the wheat flour processing machinery that grinding wheat into wheat flour. Flour is the main food of the masses of the people in China, it is closely related to national life. And flour grinding machine affect the wheat flour quality and safety, the effective use of resources and energy, human health and safety. 

      Flour grinding machine is an important industrial products closely connected with people's life, therefore, powerful management is quite necessary to the industry.


      There are hundreds of flour grinding machine manufacturers in China, which mainly distribute in the wheat producing areas in Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi province. Besides a few joint ventures, dozens of flour grinding machine have developed a certain scale of production.
      However, there are still problems of flour grinding machine.
      First, the potential safety hazard is serious. Spot check result shows that nearly thirty percent of flour grinding machine has safety risks in China. For example, the high-speed rotating exposed moving parts are not equipped with protective device, or the only equipped with simple shield. No safety warning signs on dangerous parts of the products and electrical equipment. There is no hint in product specification, no guide for user to install protective device.
      Second, spot check result of excess magnetic metal in flour shows that about 15% of the flour exceeds the national standard requirements. Individual flour grinding machine products beyond the standard requires 6.5 times.
      Third, nearly forty percent of the products working noise is unqualified.
      The development of flour grinding machine is rapid, meanwhile, there are still problems. So, as one of professional flour grinding machine manufacturers, Win Tone should actively improve the technical level, to ensure product quality, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the flour grinding machine industry.


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